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Love Letters is a website where you can create, read and share love letters. We also have a romantic community to meet others and read their love letters.

Writing romantic love letters is a bit of a lost art in this day of hurried electronic messages. It's not easy for most; but, with practice, you'll find it's an art definitely worth cultivating. Here are some tips.

Love Letter Maker:

Your loved one is, of course, your inspiration. S/he is the reason you want, or even feel the need to write. Some people like to listen to romantic music (or any music that is otherwise meaningful to them in their relationship) before they write. It can also be helpful to look at a picture of your loved one while writing. … Think about the person you're writing to-- What are the things you love and admire about him/her? What was it that first captured you upon initially meeting? You can jot those things down before you start writing.

Romance Columns:

Depending upon your personality, you may worry that whatever you write may be "too mushy." Never! The essence of writing the best love letters is to capture, in as much detail as possible, exactly what you are feeling. A love letter is supposed to be romantic, passionate -- a sincere sharing of your deepest emotions. If you are open about those "mushy" feelings, your letter will be truly romantic, making your partner feel special beyond compare. Sincerely share your heart -- your devotion, admiration, desire, passion -- and those words in print will be one of the best gifts you could ever give.

Historic Love Letters:

If writing, or sharing your emotions, doesn't come naturally to you, it may take a lot of time to write a well-written love letter. Initially, just getting in touch with your feelings may require a good deal of reflection-- let alone the time needed to put those feelings to words. With just a little practice, though, you will be surprised at how naturally the words start to flow. That first letter is the main hurdle!

Member Love Letters:

The essentials: "Pen & Paper": Nice penmanship is essential to not distracting from the words and feelings you put so much thought and time into. If your writing isn't attractive, it's preferable to type your letter on a computer where you can choose from any number of font styles (including calligraphy-- so romantic!) and colors. Even if you do have nice handwriting, give thought to the ink and stationery you use to make your letter as beautiful as possible.

LoveLetters.com allows you to do just that, offering you countless fonts, colors and stationery, at the convenience of a click. With over 140 different types of fonts, 14 "ink" choices, and more than 30 stationery selections from which to choose, LoveLetters.com allows you to create the style that best fits your personality, the mood you wish to reflect at the moment, and gives you the ability to easily create an original look with each letter you write.

Love Letters Community

Ok, so you know what you need to do-- share your heart. You may be hesitant, perhaps even scared at the thought; but take the plunge and do it! Put those feelings into words and give your loved one the gift that lasts forever -- your love expressed in print. You can start with a quick romantic note, and work up from there. Search your feelings and share them with your sweetheart.

At LoveLetters.com you can draft a letter and save it for further composition. That is, you can write your emotions as they come, and then refine your letter as time permits. So, "too busy" is no excuse! But, if you're still wary of the task, you can always let Cyrano help. Be uninhibited... show your love... have fun... and make it a habit!

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